Saturday, May 9, 2009


What a beautiful Saturday.....the wife and I took a day trip to check out some art. This old historic town is having artisans around the square every second saturday of the month.
Some were weaving and some painting. Not many there yet because of early summer yet but it will grow. This is there second year for it and were had a good time walking around and even going in some of the old stores.
These older towns that aren't very big have a tough time of it. It's good to be able to use the arts as a possible platform to draw people there. But people must remember to support them or they can't keep coming back.
We got back and sunshine and trip had me up and rearing to do some art. So playing around I came across a full size, 15" X 22", watercolor I did in Colorado before coming down ill. This was at about the 10,000 ft level. It was beautiful up there. So I hope you enjoy the art and think about what is written here. This is journaling....YES YOU CAN DO IT! God bless


  1. It was good seeing you and Chery for a few min. on Sat. I have thought about it and I think the color I felt inside would have been YELLOW . I felt ALL sunny and chipper visiting with you all .

  2. I like to see who follows my blog, so I came to visit. I totally agree with you about the healing power of art - and I hope you'll keep doing this inspiring blog.

  3. I love this painting, Ricky!

    The blues and purples are so beautiful.

    So pleasing on the eyes.

    Just lovely!


  4. Thanks to each of you and your comments are so special. If you have questions on anything blogged here please ask. God bless.