Sunday, May 24, 2009

Captn Elaine

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Hey group...hope all is finding Memorial Weekend all it's suppose to be. Here is a great page from one of our own....Captain Elaine. Look at the freedom line, color and most of all creativity by using a Letter of the alphabet..." K ". Let her know how you like it and Elaine please comment on this for us...GOD Bless.


  1. Wow Ricky, I come to visit your page, and see MY page... I'm so flattered... really... ok my comments on this page and the alphabet series... it started with a hand made journal I bought from Tracy U that had a scrabble game board for a cover... and the idea for alphabet pages was born, a letter a day, I picture my grand children someday, teaching their childeren their abc's using great grandmother's journals...
    Indeed the reason I journals (besides the pleasure I get from doing them) so that my grand-children can have them to remember me by... so they are my primary audience, and for that reason I try to keep them upbeat and cheerful... and you know, even if I'm having a bad day, doing a cheerful drawing or cartoon, lifts my spirits too. Ok I've rambled enough... thank you Ricky for doing this for me.

  2. How wonderful, Capt Elaine! Love the bright colors, and these will make great books for your grandchildren and beyond - now that's a nice thought to know you'll be remembered that way :)

  3. Elaine your reason for this is right at the top. Because a lot of the time these are done along side of our loved ones but found after we are gone....Oh what a cherished moment to own something, like this, that a loved wrote some of their most secret feelings or a note to the one who you know will find it.
    Think on this and comment. RHCarpenter is so correct.
    Have you started journaling yet????