Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red Footed Booby Bird

Red Footed Booby Bird
Originally uploaded by Ricky Holtman
Well friends here is my picture for the day and some journaling on another page of how I felt about doing this and even about this blog site and some of your comments. So I've had my healing session and feeling better for it. What do you have to say???
Moleskine Sketchbook of this bird. These birds are fantastic looking. It morphs in color until adulthood. The feet are bright red, body white with black outer mark and the bill is a beautiful pale blue. This is a sea bird and they get up to 2.5 feet tall. I think they look very nice. Found on Eastern Island, Midway, ...and Hawaii. Which is where we took a photo of this guy/girl. They nest in shrubs and in this case an Ironwood tree in the National Park. Nest made out of big twigs for a big bird...enjoy. This is the biggest of the boobies. haha

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Art and Healing

Hey Friends,
On the heals of Memorial Day and watching the people in the cemeteries etc. it was a real eye opener again of what we are trying to accomplish here. We need to be dedicated to what we do and get the word out to others. We are all hurting and under stress one way or another.
Stress is the direct cause of over 40 major diseases as of today.
Below I have copied a few sentences from a special book of mine.:
Title: Art and Healing, author is Barbara Ganim. copyright 1998.. ISBN 0-609-80316-6. I don't know if it is still in print or not. But if you want to dig deep into this subject it is a great book and just one of several I have studied over the years and apply.
Read it and meditate upon what is said here by her, a medical professional.
Happy Trails until we meet again.....Ricky

"Through the ages, artists have known intuitively what others are just beginning to discover: creating a visual image on paper or canvas, with clay or through any art medium, can produce physical and emotional benefits for both the creator and the viewer. And now thanks to extensive research in the fields of split-brain functioning, visualization, and psychoneuroimmunology (study of the emotions on the immune system), we are finnally able to understand how this powerful healing tool can be used by anyone, even those without the slightest trace of artistic ability, to create profound changes in their lives and activate healing at the deepest levels. Psychotherapists, medical caregivers, and educators have rediscovered art as a way to heal the emotional wounds created by our internal feeling of fragmentation as well as by our sense of separation from others. Medical science has revealed that when we heal our emotional woulds, we also heal the wounds of the body.
As a result, art is being used successfully to reduce the physiological stress that causes immune system dysfunction by enabling patients to connect with negative, painful, or fearful emotions that are known to trigger that stress. Once these emotions have been accessed through guided visualization, the emotions can then be released by expressing them in imagistic form through drawing, painting, sculpture, or collage." These are just a few ways. "The mere act of releasing these emotions through art enables the immune system to return to a state of full functioning."

Monday, May 25, 2009

In the garden

Hey Friends,
I wanted to see this....a friend of mine did it. She is on flickr and you need to look at the rest of her stuff. Just click on this picture and go there.
But this is the high point of sketch, page layout, color, calligraphy and use of white space. I can't say enough. Peruse it closely and be sure and leave her a comment and one on this site too.
WHat do you THINK??

Rhode Island Red 1

Rhode Island Red 1
Originally uploaded by Ricky Holtman
Now here's a watercolor sketch in a journal book about 6" X 8". Sketch the bird out roughly with pencil and then just one stroke at a time put in his color......COPY HIM if you have nothing else and try it. Use crayolas or colored pencil or just pencil. Whatever you have.....feel the fun of the process....not in makiing it look just like mine. We want YOUR chicken. Happy Memorial Day Holiday and to all your loved ones.
Thanks to Captn Elaine for commenting on her sketch.
All of you have had some good comments , please expound on them . Our very own Mary Paquet has been journaling for some time and through difficult times....Mary expound, if you will on your process, how it helped, the materials you used or are using and if there's a way for me to get a piece to blog here let me know how.
Don't forget if you want to email me personally , click on the upper right where it says email. God Bless.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Captn Elaine

Originally uploaded by CaptElaine
Hey group...hope all is finding Memorial Weekend all it's suppose to be. Here is a great page from one of our own....Captain Elaine. Look at the freedom line, color and most of all creativity by using a Letter of the alphabet..." K ". Let her know how you like it and Elaine please comment on this for us...GOD Bless.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ben Stine

Ben Stine
Originally uploaded by Ricky Holtman
Well guys here's my attempt to sketch off or TV. I was on Chemo the last few days so I was captured and so was he for a few minutes of his news cast.
You see the fun you can doesn't matter that it doesn't look like him. THis is not a portrait...just fun with a pencil and the creative process that helps in healing.
Tell what you are sketching or having trouble sketching , whatever. Let me know how that journaling going. Email a sketch and I'll try to upload for you..
COME ON! Let's have some fun and healing. No such thing has a bad picture. We all start somewhere. GOD BLESS

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


How many of you trust this journaling thing? Well let me talk about this for a minute. When you walk into a room and proceed to sit in a chair, you don't give it a second thought that it will hold you up.....WHY? Because of experience of sitting in chairs and they have worked for you. Now there may have been that rare instance that a chair leg has broken off or you tipped over, but other than that you trust them.
This trust did not come except for your experience in this area. The same is with journaling and art.....You must get started and build the frequency of doing it before you can take notice that there is a change starting to happen inside of you that will finally come out and change your very environment. WOW that was a mouth full.
You must motivate yourself in the beginning with EXPECTANCY that journaling is going to perform for you and others and has and is right now. Let me say it this way. Expectancy of change or hope thru journaling is the gasoline that motivation is propelled by. Out of the doing comes the experience or trust in journaling [like the chair]. After a short while the whole thing will increase you Faith in what we are trying to promote on this site....journaling for healing. Your faith then takes over and actually increases the outcome of the process.
In other words....YOU have to start pushing the car to go and the inertia you have to overcome at the beginning will be strenous...BUT...once that car is moving it doesn't take much effort to keep it rolling.
I hope all of this makes sense and I am writing on the process of journaling because of some comments that came up on another site.
While mentioning comments be sure and post yours.........what you think about the above...your is your journaling going.....any questions about the art side...??
Remember you don't have to have had cancer to comment on this site....all are welcomed....cancer is just what is in the title of this site and is my ailment at this time. There are many ailments just as weigh in with your thoughts for day or questions. Tell your story right below this blog if you want.
Now get out there and get some healing going. Next we may chat on stress and how journaling helps in this area.
God bless and I leave with a line from one of my heroes..ROY ROGERS'...."Happy Trails To YOU Until We Meet Again".

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank You Chris Beck!

What a wonderful life this can be. Life is like a railroad track you have trial and tribulations going on in your life and the other rail has blessings. All at the same time, and I prefer to concentrate on the blessings...the other never worked well for me.
That blessing is Chris Beck and all those who come to this blog through her or others. Thank you Chris, again, and thanks to all you new followers and the comments you are leaving. I can't wait to become better friends as time goes along.
Isn't it great to come together in a common cause! Sharing through the written word and visual imagery that is inside of each of us. Getting that back outside to where it changes you and world is a wonderful journey. May God bless this journey for each of us on this blog and in other ways.
Another blessing coming is a new contributor as agreed to write and share her art. Her name is Cathy,'Kate' Johnson. Some of you may own some of her books already. I won't spoil it by saying more because I want her to introduce herself. You'll love Kate. It may be a couple of weeks before she can start blogging.
Another writer who has agreed is Chery Holtman. Chery heads up many art committees and teaches pottery at school grade level, adult education, and university level. I'll let her introduce herself in time also.
So, exciting times for you and me. But it's your comments and sharing that make this blog.
You know my next question is........"Are journaling or drawing yet?". Get it dusted off or go purchase one.....this crank it up and start on the HEALING JOURNEY TOGETHER.
I'll share my watercolor sketch from yesterday above. While painting it is part of my art therapy against my illness. Prayer of course being number one.
Don't forget your comments and whatever you want to say or ask. God bless

Saturday, May 16, 2009

BLessing for YOU!

Just yesterday we were writing about 'Choice', basically changing our thinking and attitude in a shorter time span. WHY?, because things change when we do.
We should always be LOOKING UP for things to happen to us in a good way. Have an aire of expectancy at all times for the good in our situation and our fellow man.
I woke up this morning to a great blessing to you and me. Chris Beck, a renowned artist, wrote about this site on her blog. WOW!
Since we are a new blog this benefits us all to get the word out. So people can learn what we are about and come together as a community that shares and cares.
I personally want to thank Chris for this.As you go to her blog and look at all the beautiful things she is doing leave a comment and become a follower. To own one of her paintings and be able to sit and meditate on it daily would bring great joy to your spirit. Her colors and composition are beyond believable. The blog title is "I'm painting as fast as I can." and the article title is "Journaling Through Cancer".
Please check out the comments under the article also, they are precious. Remember again, this site is not about me but US....your participation through comments and your art. Please leave comments and again please thank Chris for what she has done here. It was no small measure.
It's a sunny day and all is well.....amen. Now get those journals out and write about whatever or how this blog and Chris' blog has affected you.....then doodle something or draw a picture. If you use color, think about what colors and temperature we would want to express a wonderful experience such as this.
Please share this site with as many people as possible. The more input the better. I'm leaving a picture of mine for today. The primary colors show how I feel.
God Bless.

Friday, May 15, 2009


The day is rainy and I've already received 3 inches of rain and lots of hail in just 4 hours. WOW! How gloomy can it healing from cancer, stormy dark afternoon [dark as night], government is going nuts, social security and medicare is going broke, blah blah blah blah I am really in the dumps!
Is the above you? STOP IT! You are your own worst enemy! When you are thinking this way your body is putting out enzymes and junk that poisons you and feeds that cancer. Since you have a CHOICE in how you think lets start renewing your mind....this is scriptural...Jesus talks about the renewing of your mind with the truth.
This blog is trying to share the truth with you....if you aren't employing it in your life I and others cannot help you. Journaling gives you an outlet to renew your mind and practice giving your body a BOOST at the same time by being creative. Sound familiar to you?
NOW, on with the same question in other blogs.........have you started writing down your feeling and suggesting a color [see other blogs] to go with it/them? Let's get you to your SUNNY condition faster each time you have a moment, like in the beginning of this blog.
Everyone stews in their own troubles.....this isn't new. BUT it's how long you stay in that condition that we are working on. DON"T dismiss what we are sharing with you. Now get in there and write one sentence or a paragraph. If you want, start by complaining about me and this blog of giving you a stern little push. Remember we love you and have some experience in this area.
A friend of mine has her link on this site. Her name is Chris Beck and is a cancer survivor herself and now dealing with a father who has prostate cancer. Go look at the beautiful art at her sight.
Hopefully Chris will share her story with you someday.
God bless for today. GOD LOVES YOU whether you like or not...John 3:16

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Goldfinch

Yes I was doing my plein aire painting and kept looking at this tree....."did someone put christmas ornaments on the tree?" No, as my eyes got adjusted it was a whole HERD OF AMERICAN GOLDFINCH! I had never seen that many in my life. What a blessing that was....all I could do was stare and get my binoculars out. Thank GOD the sun wasn't playing tricks on my old eyes. This is a watercolor approximately 12" X 18"...140 pound cold press paper. Enjoy.
My question to you is........"Are you journaling yet?" I'm waiting for your responses and some followers before I go much farther into ideas etc. for writing. God bless.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


What a beautiful Saturday.....the wife and I took a day trip to check out some art. This old historic town is having artisans around the square every second saturday of the month.
Some were weaving and some painting. Not many there yet because of early summer yet but it will grow. This is there second year for it and were had a good time walking around and even going in some of the old stores.
These older towns that aren't very big have a tough time of it. It's good to be able to use the arts as a possible platform to draw people there. But people must remember to support them or they can't keep coming back.
We got back and sunshine and trip had me up and rearing to do some art. So playing around I came across a full size, 15" X 22", watercolor I did in Colorado before coming down ill. This was at about the 10,000 ft level. It was beautiful up there. So I hope you enjoy the art and think about what is written here. This is journaling....YES YOU CAN DO IT! God bless

Friday, May 8, 2009

Art Tip #3

Hey Friends,
It's another wonderful day.......had rain all night and some wonderful thunder. Thank YOU GOD for another day. Hope you all have started writing and maybe doodling.
In the future we will get into Visual Journaling. The medical field has some books out on this and I will share that info in time. But the tip for today is this.
Take a few minutes before writing and meditate on the day, your feelings, and things that are going on around you. Once this is established in your mind start to write about the most important one and then think of a color you would apply to that situation. Now ask yourself if this situation needs changing and if so, HOW?. Write that down. Having done that HOW do you see how you would feel with it fixed, write those feelings and thoughts. Now what color would it look like to you fixed? Keep this in your mind for any future thoughts toward that situation until it manifests itself changed.
This is what is called sometimes as a paradigm shift others call it visualizing the outcome you want to happen. Either way the release of healing process will start to take place in your mind, spirit and body.
Now get out their and journal and send me your comments.
I do have a separate blog of just my art and some others. That blog is to show art that you can copy style or ask questions specifically art related. Here it is... The Pointed Brush

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Art TIp #2

Hey friends, Hope this finds everyone well. Did you do any journaling or doodling lately?
The medical field of art therapy has plenty of proof about journaling and imagery [doodling]. It's proven to be one of the most therapeutic we can do for ourselves.
Finding drawings on cave walls thousands of years old tell us people were using images long before words. It is proven today that images are still more expressive a language than words will ever be. Remember the saying "A picture is worth 1000 words". It's true.
So, what does this mean to you and me? We need to get off our rear ends and get to writing and doodling. Tell others about this or this website and get with the program.
Some say how do I doodle? Start scribbling....scribble the trash can..your coffee mug....a flower...chair..lamp.GO FOR IT!
Others talk about color....well think about it for a minute...umh..We get our colors from our feelings and this is why we express your inner thoughts to the outer environment. For instance if I was going to say, 'I feel sunny today', what color do you think I would color my stick person? What about the other stick person you drew and you wrote, 'they are green with envy'. What color would that be??? You see out getting in touch with our images can express things so much better than the words sometimes. But the two work well together.
I got my chemo pump off this morning, you know the needle out of my chest. Well, what color do you think I feel right now? RIGHT ON! pretty sunny right now.
So I went out and picked a sprig of Azelea and did a quick ink pen drawing and colored it with watercolor....does it look like I feel? Sunny and all warm and happy inside from my experience this morning? You bet it shows that. This is what we want to do at any given time of our day or week is get it out there so we can HEAL on the inside and help someone else who may go through your experience.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Art and Doodling

Here's a new little sketch of the Missouri River. It's approximately 6" X 8" at the most..
It doesn't take much for a quick sketch once you learn. This happens to be watercolor. Some people like using watercolor and others don't. Try colored pencils, crayolas, or just plain lead pencil. Whatever you find that works for you. There is no right or wrong and no picture is better that someone's just different. Never compare yours to mine or others because our experience is different and just like our handwriting, no two are alike. Now get out there and get with it and leave a comment. God bless.


How many of you have gotten your new journal books or gotten the old one out and dusted it off? This site is about the healing process that comes from journaling and doodling.
It's about you not me so start writing every thought that comes to your mind about the situation you are going through.
This site is about going thru cancer.....that can mean a whole host of different people:cancer survivors, caregivers, nurses, parents, spouses, children, pastors, neighbors and etc.. So get on board and start commenting on anyone of these blogs I have written. We need your comments to get this thing kick started. Please sign up to be a follower on the follower box and tell others. About the easiest way to get to this blog is to remember my web site and punch the correct button, Ricky's Blog. There are other buttons of my art and another where I am a correspondent for Sketching in Nature Blog.
Share with us what you may be writing about. These journals are not the same as a diary where you might confess to murder........... it's expressing your feelings and thoughts about the cancer situation and your part in it. The healing comes from the writing process.
Please remember some of you may never written before like this but please trust me and start.
I will try to get some more sketches up for those of you who want to embellish your pages with calligraphy, pictures or try your hand at doodling. Ask an art question if need be that's what this is all about.............Expressing ourselves and gaining healing and a community of like kind friends.

Chemo Treatment

Well here I am again with a chemo week. I was in the chair for 4 hours yesterday and I 'm wearing the pump until tomorrow. Can't wait to get it off.....if you know what I mean. They did a blood test yesterday for tumor markers in the blood stream, I think they call it CEA. Anyway it comes back tomorrow and we'll get the results. The number has been rising which we don't want. Nothing I can do about it except believe GOD to give me the Grace to deal with it...and HE always has and will. That's one of the nice things about being a christian. Tomorrow is another day. Please feel free to comment and tell us your viewpoints on things.
You don't have to have cancer or had it. We welcome those who are or have been caregivers and anyone who wants to share a comment that will benefit us all. God bless.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Face the Devil

I pray this finds all of you well. The rain keeps coming down but I have my journal to write in and doodle. Thank God for it because my buddy came by my house to tell me some news. He has been dealing with cancer from Agent Orange [Vietnam Era]. They told him there is nothing more to help him and he has a few weeks or month to live.
You can imagine how the rest of that converstion went while standing in my driveway. This is the cold reality of cancer. Again this is the reason for writing your life down for yourself and those you wish to say something to but can't face to face. Someday they will read it, trust me and you will be happy knowing it was said.
They will know your thoughts on how the day was going for you and even may see a doodle or two of something that will touch them. Cherish it , they will forever.
Please ask any questions or comments and this includes from anybody who is following this blog. You do not have to be a cancer survivor for input.
Our caregivers may want to take up journaling also to share their side of this horrible disease. God bless.