Friday, May 8, 2009

Art Tip #3

Hey Friends,
It's another wonderful day.......had rain all night and some wonderful thunder. Thank YOU GOD for another day. Hope you all have started writing and maybe doodling.
In the future we will get into Visual Journaling. The medical field has some books out on this and I will share that info in time. But the tip for today is this.
Take a few minutes before writing and meditate on the day, your feelings, and things that are going on around you. Once this is established in your mind start to write about the most important one and then think of a color you would apply to that situation. Now ask yourself if this situation needs changing and if so, HOW?. Write that down. Having done that HOW do you see how you would feel with it fixed, write those feelings and thoughts. Now what color would it look like to you fixed? Keep this in your mind for any future thoughts toward that situation until it manifests itself changed.
This is what is called sometimes as a paradigm shift others call it visualizing the outcome you want to happen. Either way the release of healing process will start to take place in your mind, spirit and body.
Now get out their and journal and send me your comments.
I do have a separate blog of just my art and some others. That blog is to show art that you can copy style or ask questions specifically art related. Here it is... The Pointed Brush

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