Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank You Chris Beck!

What a wonderful life this can be. Life is like a railroad track you have trial and tribulations going on in your life and the other rail has blessings. All at the same time, and I prefer to concentrate on the blessings...the other never worked well for me.
That blessing is Chris Beck and all those who come to this blog through her or others. Thank you Chris, again, and thanks to all you new followers and the comments you are leaving. I can't wait to become better friends as time goes along.
Isn't it great to come together in a common cause! Sharing through the written word and visual imagery that is inside of each of us. Getting that back outside to where it changes you and world is a wonderful journey. May God bless this journey for each of us on this blog and in other ways.
Another blessing coming is a new contributor as agreed to write and share her art. Her name is Cathy,'Kate' Johnson. Some of you may own some of her books already. I won't spoil it by saying more because I want her to introduce herself. You'll love Kate. It may be a couple of weeks before she can start blogging.
Another writer who has agreed is Chery Holtman. Chery heads up many art committees and teaches pottery at school grade level, adult education, and university level. I'll let her introduce herself in time also.
So, exciting times for you and me. But it's your comments and sharing that make this blog.
You know my next question is........"Are journaling or drawing yet?". Get it dusted off or go purchase one.....this crank it up and start on the HEALING JOURNEY TOGETHER.
I'll share my watercolor sketch from yesterday above. While painting it is part of my art therapy against my illness. Prayer of course being number one.
Don't forget your comments and whatever you want to say or ask. God bless


  1. Thank you, too, Ricky! Your support for me goes beyond the blog world. I woke up this morning feeling renewed hope for dealing with the difficult times with my father and family.

  2. p.s. Great sketch!! I think I'd call that a painting though -- it's wonderful!!

  3. Thanks're too kind.

  4. I'd say that painting was a metaphor for going through any illess - it's got good bones and a strong foundation but looks a bit beat up and worn in places - and yet, still beautiful!

  5. Thanks for sending me to Chris... she does some great work. In answer to your question... yes I blog, have been doing so since March of 2008 (which when I started keeping a watercolor journal).
    I love that painting Ricky so loose and colorful.

  6. Thanks friends for talking, it's good to start hearing from some of you.
    Elaine, email me one of your pictures or can I take one off flickr and put on the site here and then you come and comment on it??