Friday, May 1, 2009

Face the Devil

I pray this finds all of you well. The rain keeps coming down but I have my journal to write in and doodle. Thank God for it because my buddy came by my house to tell me some news. He has been dealing with cancer from Agent Orange [Vietnam Era]. They told him there is nothing more to help him and he has a few weeks or month to live.
You can imagine how the rest of that converstion went while standing in my driveway. This is the cold reality of cancer. Again this is the reason for writing your life down for yourself and those you wish to say something to but can't face to face. Someday they will read it, trust me and you will be happy knowing it was said.
They will know your thoughts on how the day was going for you and even may see a doodle or two of something that will touch them. Cherish it , they will forever.
Please ask any questions or comments and this includes from anybody who is following this blog. You do not have to be a cancer survivor for input.
Our caregivers may want to take up journaling also to share their side of this horrible disease. God bless.

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