Saturday, May 16, 2009

BLessing for YOU!

Just yesterday we were writing about 'Choice', basically changing our thinking and attitude in a shorter time span. WHY?, because things change when we do.
We should always be LOOKING UP for things to happen to us in a good way. Have an aire of expectancy at all times for the good in our situation and our fellow man.
I woke up this morning to a great blessing to you and me. Chris Beck, a renowned artist, wrote about this site on her blog. WOW!
Since we are a new blog this benefits us all to get the word out. So people can learn what we are about and come together as a community that shares and cares.
I personally want to thank Chris for this.As you go to her blog and look at all the beautiful things she is doing leave a comment and become a follower. To own one of her paintings and be able to sit and meditate on it daily would bring great joy to your spirit. Her colors and composition are beyond believable. The blog title is "I'm painting as fast as I can." and the article title is "Journaling Through Cancer".
Please check out the comments under the article also, they are precious. Remember again, this site is not about me but US....your participation through comments and your art. Please leave comments and again please thank Chris for what she has done here. It was no small measure.
It's a sunny day and all is well.....amen. Now get those journals out and write about whatever or how this blog and Chris' blog has affected you.....then doodle something or draw a picture. If you use color, think about what colors and temperature we would want to express a wonderful experience such as this.
Please share this site with as many people as possible. The more input the better. I'm leaving a picture of mine for today. The primary colors show how I feel.
God Bless.


  1. Ricky, I'm very happy to have met you and pleased if I can do just a little to help you in your journey!!

  2. Chris thank you for your help and we look forward to any comments in the future, as you have the time.
    Some friends from your blog have already visited and left works,..all of us together are always greater than the whole. I think they call that Synergy.

  3. Hi, Ricky - I just found your site from Chris's. I'm a 4-year breast cancer survivor, and painting got me through chemo. I'm now caring full time for my mom who has Alzheimer's so am happy to find your inspirational blog and beautiful work. Best regards, Liz

  4. Thanks Liz and God bless Chris for the posting. Your story would be greatly appreciated for all of us. I'm sure there are many a thing you could teach us and we can benefit from it. The story about your mom would be another thing that I know some are going through.
    Please come back and be a big part of us. We are new but someday many will be blessed. I pray for your continued recovery and the mom situation. How can we help? God bless.

  5. The amazing and wonderful Chris Beck pointed the way to your blog; glad I stopped in! As a nurse I wish you well, and look forward to your book - there is much that can and should be learned about the human experience of cancer treatments. As an artist I'm delighted that you are still working - your Sketching in Nature blog is a wonderful place to get lost in!
    Take care of yourself -

  6. I also found you through Chris Beck's entry. She is a wonderful artist from the area where I live and I admire her very much. How nice of her to point us to your blog.

    I was a caregiver to my husband of 34 years when he died of cancer at the age of 56. The last 15 months he was paralyzed by cancer. I was able to work from home and take care of him. I journaled (on paper then, it was 1998), and did my art, which Gary just loved to have me do. The art gave both of us such pleasure and was a great way to survive a difficult, beautiful, terrifying, and awesome experience.

  7. Cancer has touched all of us in one way or another - my grandfather, my mother, a beloved friend.
    One of my students has multiple myeloma and has used art classes as her personal art therapy. She is currently not able to come to regular classes, but is pursuing her art at home when she can. She has told me often how painting has helped her get through some tough times.
    Good luck to you throughout your treatment.

  8. Thanks for all the wonderful's an answer to prayer. So many of us need to group together and share this. I hope you come back and share more or your story. Deb please tell your student about our blog so she can weigh in and tell how she is doing.. God bless

  9. I have just discovered your blog through Chris Beck blog and wish you the very best.
    I myself was detected early with prostate cancer and though my surgery cured the cancer I ended up with complications that has lead me on a four year oddeysey of surgeries and procedures. My last about 8 weeks ago and am now feeling the best in 4 years. I have been declared good to go so Praise God.
    Through this whole time I have tried to keep up a rigorous schedual of painting and my outdoor adventures photo-journal which involves sometimes a pretty physical regime. I would have it no other way.
    I would hope by posting this that others would also find the courage or resources to push themselves to a menaingful fulfillment in some endeavor. I have an artist friend who is a master at art journalism and do wholeheartily believe in the power of that.
    Thanks for providing this blog for such encouragement.