Friday, May 15, 2009


The day is rainy and I've already received 3 inches of rain and lots of hail in just 4 hours. WOW! How gloomy can it healing from cancer, stormy dark afternoon [dark as night], government is going nuts, social security and medicare is going broke, blah blah blah blah I am really in the dumps!
Is the above you? STOP IT! You are your own worst enemy! When you are thinking this way your body is putting out enzymes and junk that poisons you and feeds that cancer. Since you have a CHOICE in how you think lets start renewing your mind....this is scriptural...Jesus talks about the renewing of your mind with the truth.
This blog is trying to share the truth with you....if you aren't employing it in your life I and others cannot help you. Journaling gives you an outlet to renew your mind and practice giving your body a BOOST at the same time by being creative. Sound familiar to you?
NOW, on with the same question in other blogs.........have you started writing down your feeling and suggesting a color [see other blogs] to go with it/them? Let's get you to your SUNNY condition faster each time you have a moment, like in the beginning of this blog.
Everyone stews in their own troubles.....this isn't new. BUT it's how long you stay in that condition that we are working on. DON"T dismiss what we are sharing with you. Now get in there and write one sentence or a paragraph. If you want, start by complaining about me and this blog of giving you a stern little push. Remember we love you and have some experience in this area.
A friend of mine has her link on this site. Her name is Chris Beck and is a cancer survivor herself and now dealing with a father who has prostate cancer. Go look at the beautiful art at her sight.
Hopefully Chris will share her story with you someday.
God bless for today. GOD LOVES YOU whether you like or not...John 3:16


  1. Ricky, thanks for sharing yourself on this blog. I lost my mom and dad to cancer but until I read through your posts, I didn't relate my need to be creative with a healing process. My head is running with thoughts... I'm headed for my journal to write them down. I will be back. :)

  2. Lisa..glad to meet you and even happier it's something you're going to get involved in doing. You'll love the creative process and change that will take place over time through journaling with art. Look forward to your coming back.Ricky