Wednesday, May 20, 2009


How many of you trust this journaling thing? Well let me talk about this for a minute. When you walk into a room and proceed to sit in a chair, you don't give it a second thought that it will hold you up.....WHY? Because of experience of sitting in chairs and they have worked for you. Now there may have been that rare instance that a chair leg has broken off or you tipped over, but other than that you trust them.
This trust did not come except for your experience in this area. The same is with journaling and art.....You must get started and build the frequency of doing it before you can take notice that there is a change starting to happen inside of you that will finally come out and change your very environment. WOW that was a mouth full.
You must motivate yourself in the beginning with EXPECTANCY that journaling is going to perform for you and others and has and is right now. Let me say it this way. Expectancy of change or hope thru journaling is the gasoline that motivation is propelled by. Out of the doing comes the experience or trust in journaling [like the chair]. After a short while the whole thing will increase you Faith in what we are trying to promote on this site....journaling for healing. Your faith then takes over and actually increases the outcome of the process.
In other words....YOU have to start pushing the car to go and the inertia you have to overcome at the beginning will be strenous...BUT...once that car is moving it doesn't take much effort to keep it rolling.
I hope all of this makes sense and I am writing on the process of journaling because of some comments that came up on another site.
While mentioning comments be sure and post yours.........what you think about the above...your is your journaling going.....any questions about the art side...??
Remember you don't have to have had cancer to comment on this site....all are welcomed....cancer is just what is in the title of this site and is my ailment at this time. There are many ailments just as weigh in with your thoughts for day or questions. Tell your story right below this blog if you want.
Now get out there and get some healing going. Next we may chat on stress and how journaling helps in this area.
God bless and I leave with a line from one of my heroes..ROY ROGERS'...."Happy Trails To YOU Until We Meet Again".


  1. I had a fussy little watercolor in progress, taped to my board... but something inside me, that wanted out was totally different. So I opened up my art journal, and let myself just express with paint. I posted it on my blog.

  2. Lisa, I went and saw your art piece. That's great to have the courage to just listen to the yourself and where the piece wants to go. Looking at it is just wonderful..Good job. Tell us how you feel having done it this way or if you even know yet.

  3. I started journalling when in a creatively stagnant phase about 14 years ago - did Julia Cameron's 'The Artists Way' to start with - and slowly dreams of having a studio and painting regularly became reality. I stopped journalling when I felt it was taking up too much painting time, but I think that it might be time to start again - the focus, clarity, and working out where your priorities really lie, that it brings is really invaluable. Thanks for the reminder, and for your visit to my blog!

  4. I haven't the experience with journaling, but I have had a similar experience with keeping a daily sketchbook. After the first "push" to get going, it now runs itself!

    Not only does healing, centerness, and growth take place, but so does a foundation of trust in the process, as you mentioned. I suppose you could say that in your metaphor that the chair assembles itself!

  5. It was anger, anger wanting out.
    Fingers smearing and scratching in red.
    Then came the darkness, the emptiness.
    I thought it would trickle down like rain,
    But it was thick and suffocating.
    Fingers again, pulling and scraping.
    Breathe. Sit still. The anger is out.

  6. I love you guys for your comments and straight forwardness.
    Lisa thanks...
    Elizabeth, you are so's about the process and the discipline and then it runs itself. Friends please go see some of Elizabeths'll be glad you did and the same for everyone here.
    We gain from each other.