Monday, August 17, 2009

'Tic Toc'

Are you ever able to close your eyes and hear 'Tic Toc'....maybe it's real quite at first but it's somewhere back there getting louder by the passing hour. Well I started hearing it yesterday....that great count down to Wednesday a.m. when I have another chemo treatment and hear about the CAT scans and DNA test on my genes.
Does this happen often in peoples lives....I think so, or at least in mine. It has gotten louder for me as the years have passed by. It's a good voice as long as we don't allow it to drag us in the negative direction. This is where your friends, community, and faith will play a major roll. Surround yourself with positive thinking people, books, movies and community events. Read often and aloud those things that will benefit your spirit and mind. When you are overflowing with this please share comments here with the rest of us so we can benefit.
Now the big question in my head, outside of the 'Tic Toc', is how am I going to react to the information I receive on Wednesday? Well after writing the above I believe I had better make lemonade out of the good news or make lemonade out of the sour lemons I may be handed. Either way I'm going to have lemonade that will benefit my mind, soul, spirit and body! In other words .... "It's a CHOICE" on our part so DO YOUR PART! Think about it....GOD bless.


  1. You'll do just fine with the news, Ricky..either way..that's been your attitude through this whole thing. I haven't made a comment before now, but have been with you for quite a while. See, you never know who's watching. My last chemo will be next Monday and then I'll start radiation so I do have a little inkling of where you're coming from. Hang in there with you super positive works wonders!!
    Oh, as a sidebar...I love your work. I'm also a watercolorist.

  2. Thanks Mollie...what a great uplifting comment. I would love to see your art sometime. I will also keep you in prayer ont the radiation. I had two months of that everyday.

  3. I'm going to be believing / praying for GOOD NEWS for you Ricky, only the best for you... God bless you today.