Friday, August 7, 2009

Are YOU Drinking the Koolaide ?

Let's get into that day planner and start making plans. Who knows if any of us are here for another month, year or even tomorrow. So if you have been diagnosed with some ugly thing, and they're all ugly, don't stop living!
If you aren't careful you will drink the Koolaide.........let no one dictate to you how things are going to go. You have a choice in the matter!
Our creator made our bodies to regenerate themselves. Watch a cut heal and hair grow back. Our brain resets itself to help our bodies deal with any new information. The question is.....What information are you feeding it? Are you going to drink the Koolaide and go to the 'Killing Fields' or CHOOSE life? I've chosen life and will not entertain my thoughts, and subject my body, with any other speech and I WILL NOT allow others to entertain me, such as doctors, with their 'Koolaide Diagnosis'. If it isn't helpful don't dump it on my door step! Do for me what you can and I will enact my God given ability to have my body start the healing process. It may take a long time but if I don't waiver neither will the truth. God is good to me and others.
You are what you eat, listen too, look at, speak, and think! Never doubt it...THINK! Meditate on the above and start today with what you know in your heart is truth. Now go make some plans to do something next week, next month, and next year! Fill that day planner up and watch it come about step by step.....we need a purpose in life. Remember the body was made to regenerate itself, skin, nails, hair and etc.., but it cannot heal side effects.

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  1. Very, very wise words. Even a minute thought can be harmful. And stopping those subconscious thoughts are most difficult. It takes diligence and perserverence. Kudos to you.