Monday, August 10, 2009

Behavior ?

Everyone in the group seemed nice enough but their behavior was little stoic, staid, or maybe just a relaxed attitude. I felt maybe they all knew something I didn't know. What was this I was sensing.
After listening to the speaker I soon realized that it was their behavior toward one another and the way all of the new people were accepted to the group. Was this for real or some fake kindness? It felt good but yet how can all these people be acting with such unlimited inclusiveness into their circle of influence?
I needed to know how this was happening or what they were going to get out of it. Soon I came to realize that the speaker was speaking on this very subject.... "Your behavior is directly related to the thoughts you will act on only those precepts you truly believe!" Further more these precepts have had to have already been experienced,to know the truth in them, or come from a source you believe is an authority.
So, I am old enough to know some things work and some don't by experience BUT I would love to know a source I could count on and circumvent a lot of mishaps and false starts in my life. The speaker then mentioned that this unlimited love for one another by this group was due to the words and precepts practiced in l Corinthians 13 of the bible. Then it all made sense to me that this group were all christians and were practicing their faith in the highest source of the land, GOD and HIS word.
They had found the Law of Reciprocity (Golden Rule) really works BUT first an individual had to put it in motion. You put out good thoughts you get good thoughts back. This is like planting seeds and waiting for the harvest out in the future. WOW!
I said I can do this!
Now you may know "the rest of the story".....All my blogs, for the most part, are attached to the above truth. Every time you purposely make someone else life better, you are really improving your own. So how about a kind word or act toward some one. This is really about loving one self. By the way....the above speaker was me and the group is my bible study group I teach every week.
Here's my seed planting for the day .....Remember that behavior is directly affected by what we believe....What are you believing in? I truly love all of you out there and from my beliefs, God loves you too. Have a great day.......I will.


  1. I hope your week brings you much joy. I'm enjoying reading your posts. As a Buddhist, we believe our intentions that lead to actions = karma (karma just means action, good or bad or indifferent). You reap what you sow so sow some good stuff out there and don't look for rewards because the reward is that you did something good for someone - and sometimes that is enough :)

  2. This is good and the act is a reward. Unfortunately for us all there is another side of the coin and that is when the act is bad or hurtful toward someone we will suffer the consequences....ere goes you reap what is sown even if it's only known to oneself.