Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sweet Summer Rain

WOW! Early hours of the morning we had a great shower and it still is only in the 70's and it's approaching noon. Glory to God for the air cleaning system He has put into place. I love it.
This morning I was out walking early, early, with my Jack Russell and it was so cool, clean smelling, birds singing and so very refreshing. Every day could start this way for me, if it so be. To get that fragrance of clean in my nostrils takes me back.
Back to when my mom would hang out all the laundry on a clothes line. We had no drier then. After drying I loved to run through them. The sheets billowing in the breeze, and then stick my nose against them to smell.....so clean and refreshing.
I believe it's good to hold on to things that will take you to one of the happy times in your life. One of those things for me is the "Sweet Summer Rain". It takes me home, many years ago. I get refreshed and renewed in my body, soul and spirit. What's yours? God bless and happy trails.


  1. Wonderful thoughts, Ricky! Clothes on the line, a summer rain, memories of these refresh me too.

    Just the other day I was remembering a sound from my childhood, the whip-poor-will calls in the dusk. I loved the sound of these birds lulling me to sleep, and I would move my bed right up next to the screened in window to hear them better. I developed a deep connection that renews and refreshes to this day.

  2. Thank you so much for putting this image in my mind Ricky, just reading about it took me back too,
    Seeing the world through your eyes brigthens my day <3