Thursday, August 20, 2009

Burning the Fog

Marina Sun
Originally uploaded by Ricky Holtman
Some days are foggier than others but yet if you will give it time the sun will always come through.
I had a foggy day yesterday and last night but I am praising the sun coming through today. The outlook is always different although both hold their own type of beauty.
The hot news about my gene test is I have the wrong one or it has mutated out of control for the chemo they were going to on to the next battle. Doc said the chemo I'm on has stopped working so they're looking for something and for me to hang in I got a choice.ahahaha.
My lungs sounded good to him and the CAT scans showed no new areas plus the tumors on my liver have maybe gotten 5 % bigger which is no big deal. He thinks I look healthy and they just can't figure me out...hahaha....People can't figure God out either and I keep hanging around things are good for me.
They decided to go ahead with my regular three day chemo treatment so that I would have at least something in my system. WOW what a sleep due to the steroids in it and I had nausea and all the good stuff......I think I am being poisoned! ahahaha...for those of you who don't know, chemo is poison.
Another day and maybe some rest and I will be good to go and maybe I'll take a ride on one of these boats in the picture.
I paint sometimes from memory when I can't get out of the house and this is one I painted the other day...watercolor. I thought you might enjoy it. GOD bless and thanks for all the prayers and good vibes you are sending my way.


  1. Well, there's just a new battle to be fought and you will meet the challenge...that's all there is to it. Have sent you an e-mail with some info you might want to read.

  2. Ricky... hang in there... hope you get some peace and rest tonight. At least they know what not to do now... so that's progress...God bless you and keep you safe.