Sunday, August 2, 2009

Favoritism is Forbidden

Great lesson this morning from James chapter 2 of the bible. Playing favorites with people is forbidden! In other words no one is better or more important than others.....we are all equal regardless of gender, physical makeup, monies, education, place of origin, or color of skin.
This got me thinking about all this healthcare talk going on....especially when I'm in the middle of it, big time, the last 2 years. God forbid some individual is given the authority to grant the healthcare I need let alone want. How dare this individual or group have a different thinking, favoritism toward some ideology, that believes my life or medical treatment should change or stop at 50, 60 yrs of age, or any number! We already have this on the front end with abortion where the individual being aborted doesn't get consulted!!!
WOW.........I understand why 'Favoritism is Forbidden". Who would ever show you mercy to be treated according to your wishes or even allow you the right to live? What about that loved one that isn't deemed necessary due to cost on society or color of hair. Where and when would it end..........if ever! THINK

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