Saturday, August 22, 2009

Poisoned !

WOW WHEE!!! What a roller coaster the last four days have been....thank God it was me it was happening too and not one of you. I wouldn't have wished this on anyone.
Where do I start? Well you know the part about being somewhat sick over the chemo..right? What I didn't say was that Wednesday night I thought I was dying.. for real. It was pain, aches, anguish, angst, nausea, diarrhea and all over walking the floor in the dark all night! I cannot exaggerate enough. This was totally a new set of circumstances, during treatment, than usual. I came so close to ripping that pump needle out of my chest....thank God I didn't.
I found out yesterday, at the clinic, when they were unhooking me and asking were there any unusual things this time....phewf! Being smart mouth I wanted to say..."You mean outside of the nose bleeds, stool bleeding, headache, nausea, steroids racing through my veins so I can't sit still, no appetite or just the food tasting like chalk all the time?" ...but I didn't.
I just looked up and said, "Yeah there are a few things"...and they wanted the description. So , I proceeded to tell them. They finally stopped me in mid paragraph and went to get the Doctor's #1 RN. We started all over and she said, "My gosh! What was going on'? ahahahahahaha! RIGHT! She then proceeded to take blood and tell me to wait for the doc, who I never see when I get unplugged.
Later the RN returned to inform me I had a severe reaction..(HAHAHAHA) and it was a build up of the chemo poison in my system and the new treatment sent my body into a poison shock.....NO ------------! (Can I say that with dashes?). It will take me a few days to bouce back and they were sorry, that it must have been horrible feeling. blah, blah, blah.
So home I went and prayed that somehow God restore my strength and system sooner than later. GOD IS GOOD TO RICKY! I passed out about 3 a.m. and woke about 7:30a.m.....I've never felt more energetic in a long time and it is now 5:32p.m. and I'm still doing good. Thank You LORD.
Now I thank each of you for your support through this and could not have made it as well without you....I MEAN IT! God bless each and let me know when I can do my part on YOUR any way. LOL


  1. Thank God Ricky, I've been praying for you and thinking about you alot lately... I'm so sorry you were so sick, but I'm so glad you're ok now... praise God for that.

  2. God bless you Elaine and all of us who are pulling through tough circumstances. Trials and tribulations build perseverence for the next set of circumstances yet unforseen. Elaine you are so correct in saying,"Praise God". He is the ultimate word. LOL

  3. The medical profession has so much knowledge and yet, so little wisdom! You have that wisdom and we're all pulling for you, Ricky, today, tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. Raising a virtual glass of sweet, healing nectar to you today for fighting back the negative assumptions (percentages) and fighting off the toxic chemo.

  4. You guys are breath of fresh air. Thanks for taking the time and coming together. LOL

  5. Hi Ricky. Have been out of town over the weekend and was so sorry to read the account of your last two days. What a BUMMER!!! The doctors don't know everything and we're all entirely different and I'm just thinking that we're going to be the ones to beat this stuff. Just hang in there.