Sunday, August 23, 2009


Let's think about this for a minute...please. How great a number is 8 anyway? If we're talking 8 out of 10, it wouldn't be bad or even 8 out of 20 but when we start to get into 8 out of 50 or 8 out of a hundred, it starts to fade quickly ....right. Well they say I have an 8 % chance to live 60 months from time of diagnosis..(December of 07'). So everday I am either burning what daylight I have left and entering into never never land....maybe. Man's ways are not Gods ways...amen.
You and I need a paradigm shift....stay with me on this, please. What about the 92% we haven't mentioned yet!!! ??? WOW! What is being said is they have no chance of even making it the 60 months or near it. SHUT UP! Who is putting all these numbers and percentages out there to sway your mind?
Turning this around makes me happy I have an 8% chance to make it 60 months and longer.....even more important knowing that man can't even get the weather right, with all the stats we have for a century, really makes me get excited and say WHY can't I be in that 8% and once more WHO are they to lay this --------= on me or you? In those famous words..."I'm mad as HELL and I ain't going to take it anymore".! Keep your so called bad news to yourself and If you don't have something good to say to me....DON"T say anything at all..amen. WOW, I think I'm through preaching now but most of you get my point.
Some of these people want to lay these figures on you and I watch most people start to roll over and do as told. WELL, nobody knows the hairs on my head or the days I'll be on this earth except GOD. HE said it and I believe it, end of story.
If any of you are buying their textbook info, be sure you are guarding yourself well with the right outlook, mental and spiritual strength, and surrounding yourself with those who are in your corner to FIGHT to the bitter end. This is about you and not some textbook stats being correct. I've decided not to be in the 8 or the 92! They don't influence me ... I influence them! Let their numbers be changed because of you and me. God bless and THINK about it. LOL


  1. Humans tend to put numbers on everything, I love how you state "they don't influence me...I influence them!" that's the spirit, even if we all would have a number no one knows what it is so let percentages probabilities and possibilities be just that and enjoy the journey, you teach me a great lesson every day.
    May you have a wonderful and unique day Ricky.

  2. You can make numbers show whatever you want them to show ... or not show. Ignoring them seems the best path to me. Rock on!

  3. Hey, I say ignore the naysayers also. They aren't included in these numbers and they can get run over by a Mac truck on the way home from work this afternoon. I believe in the Pollyanna approach to events of displeasure over which we may have no control..or maybe Scarlet O'Hara..after all, tomorrow IS another day.

  4. My Dr THINKS he knows what I'll die of (that MAC truck is not under his control)... but the reality is, he does not know, nobody knows the future.. and our time will be up when God calls us home, not a day sooner, not a day later... when the time is right we'll leave this corporeal body, and take on a new spiritual body ...
    This is the day that God hath made, REJOICE and be glad in it.
    That's in Psalms (115 I think... but I could be wrong)
    God bless Ricky.