Monday, July 27, 2009


Do you ever think about pruning? I did some of it this morning. Finished up my back yard and now it looks clean cut, orderly, pretty, like someone takes pride in this yard, and most of all someone made it so things can grow better and be healthier.
Once in a while we need pruning. My personal life gets all cluttered with junk I brought on my self. But it finally gets so hectic I have to set down and start cutting ties to certain projects and people. Why do I do this to myself? What's even worse is I keep repeating the process.....isn't that a definition of insanity?
So, the word for the day is 'Pruning'....when your life is in chaos think about a little pruning job on yourself. If your really up for a great pruning job to be done on you allow the 'THE MASTER' (Jesus) to prune you. This is done by spending a little daily time in the word so it can cut all that clutter out of your mind, soul, and spirit. It works! By the way I had to let him prune on me some this morning after I got done with the yard.
You know the old saying...'What's good for the goose is good for the gander'. When was the last time you allowed God's word a few minutes of your day to set things right for you???? God bless and have a great day...I WILL!


  1. Interesting topic... pruning... my husband spent his day off yesterday pruning the trees in our yard... he wants to prune my overgrown Lantana.. but I so love the wild and woolly plant with it's yellow and pink flowers that attract bees and butterflies... I won't let him cut it back just yet... we cut it to the ground every winter... by June it's 3 feet high... and now in it's probably 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide... I LOVE it.
    Oh... back to pruning... I do hope this site isn't on the pruning block... I know that somedays posting to blogs is a chore... but you are touching people Ricky... people you don't even know, who never leave a comment... but they come and take comfort from your words.
    Hang in there buddy

  2. You are too kind Elaine, but may God bless you as your words above have blessed me. Thanks Friend.