Saturday, July 4, 2009

BANG! July 4th, 2009

Thanks to our creator for allowing us to have this holiday to celebrate the FREEDOM that many people on this earth know nothing about.
It rained about 2 inches here late last night but not until some people in the neighborhood set off lots of fireworks. It was banging and booming all around and my little Jack Russell was going bonkers with the noise. Then the poor guy got hit with lightning, thunder and can imagine his take on the holiday.ahaha
So what are you going to do today! Maybe you'll have family in or you'll go out and do something....whatever, be sure to journal and maybe try and sketch. Allow yourself to relax in the moment.
The last blog was about renewing and by allowing yourself to shed yesterday and tomorrow you can be in the present and relax with the now....get that healing and peace (Shalom) that we all need. Shalom is a term that means 'total peace' in every area and in every way of your life.
I'm going to post my newest painting from some sketches I did on our vacation in northern New Mexico.
God bless

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