Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jul22Art Capt Elaine

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I kinda like how my fish turned out... Hey guys look at this sketch from one of our very own. Isn't this great!!! You talk about cheering you up, if this doesn't do it I just don't know what will. The art here is definitely a healing piece and I'm sure a healing process.
Maybe we'll get lucky and have Elaine comment. By the way I borrowed this off her site without asking...........Elaine forgive me but I just had to post it.
I'll delete it if you want but don't be mad at me.
God bless and all of you get out there and write and doodle....use Elaines here as an example.

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  1. Hi Ricky.... no worries my friend... drawing my purple fish brightened my day... I hope it brings a smile to others too. Some days it is harder to be positive than others... I truely believe that my attitude effects my health.. so I try to be positive... and smile.