Saturday, July 25, 2009

Putting on the Game Face

RUN DON"T WALK TO THE NEAREST CURE! The crowd was not bad but unfortunately it was larger than last year. Purple shirts everywhere along with the purple cowboy hats that they wanted us to wear this time.
Of course I am talking about the American Cancer "Run for Life" outing here in my area. I did go and had the free meal, got the shirt, and met some new friends. One of them is what is called a 'Hero for Life'. He spoke about his walk with cancer, the experimental medicine that may have cured him. GLORY TO GOD.
After the event last night I got to thinking about all of it and what exactly is this Walk or Run For Life event? What are people really thinking? What about us older adults, the younger adults, and most of all to see a young face wearing a purple Tee Shirt?
Awareness is brought to our frailty and demise, sooner or later. Not only for us who are in the shirts but also our beloved 'Caregivers'. Then of course I feel like some of the rest are onlookers of this herd of purple. God only knows what is really going through their heads. I used to be one of the latter.
I have found, for me, that the closer to the inner circle that people are the greater the hope and grief exist for you and them. This presents quite a paradox in everyone's world. Can both exist harmoniously?
So was there harmony at last night's event? I think there was for that small moment in time. But truthfully many were putting on their Game Face.
Personally I pray that the crowd of purple is smaller next year due to this experimental medicine that is suppose to Cure. This medicine only comes about with your help of finances so please, if you feel led, donate to the American Cancer Association.
The only way that I want to see a larger crowd in purple shirts is to celebrate that big word that is on the back of them........."SURVIVOR". For me, as a christian, by God's Grace may I become what HE calls in the Overcomer'. I'm striving to be the Overcomer not just a Survivor. God bless you on your walk with this or any situation. Please leave comments and questions. Share with us your situation.

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