Saturday, July 18, 2009


We all have friends and some are more close than others. Two of mine are going through rough times since they have been told they are terminal. One was just told this past week.
So I was chatting with each separately and trying to give them some perspective from my own experience but who knows. The point being that the more we are up front and talking out loud the better it is for all of us. You just can't let the 800 pound gorilla to set around in the room all the time. We must kick its butt out the door and move on with what life we have left.
But from my view point we are all terminal and have been since the day we were born. If anyone has lived any amount of time and never knew that they were dying has been in a closet. Oh yes I know that we don't talk about it because the taboo is, that would be negative. The truth is it's freedom!
This freedom brings more concentration on the life we are given and how precious it is. We must all redeem our time someday. The question will be what did you do with your time and I am not talking about all the work acquiring the mercedes or the big home. NO, I'm talking about the quality and joy of life that is there for each of us and especially in bearing one anothers griefs and joys.
I know we all can have our own little pity parties but get over it because you'll have the same problem as when you started and the pity party didn't do a thing for you.
Am I sounding tough here? I hope not. Maybe we'll call it tough love talk.....but I just believe, again my viewpoint only, that it is better to talk out loud and acknowledge that none of us know, with certainty, if we'll be here tomorrow or next month.
I had a friend ask how it felt being told you're terminal. So I gave him my terminal speil above and then asked him.."How's it working for you being terminal"? He, of course, didn't know what to say and left with a deep thinking look on his face.
Anyway, I hope you get the jest of my blog here.......God bless


  1. Let me share my husband's experience with being terminal... I think he has a great attitude about it by the way... he doesn't have cancer (I do), he has congestive heart failure, the Dr told him it was what he would die of one day (unless a truck ran over him first)... so he said well that's conforting to know...I guess I'll see how long I can put off dying of this... he's put it off for 6 years ... did I menition we say good night I love you, and good morning I love you... every single day that we are both on this side of the grass... we both know what the Dr's say will be our cause of death... the when is up to God.

  2. Wonderful post, Ricky! From the day we are born, we are not getting out of this life alive - no one knows what day or hour but we know it's coming. Our Western viewpoint is ignore it and it might go silly of us to even think it will delay a minute. Your post is honest and strong...and so are you.

  3. Thanks guys for your encouraging words to all of us. I pray for each one of you. Keep up the good work.......GOD BLESS>