Monday, July 13, 2009

Who is Looking over YOU ?

WOW! I was just sitting there, around midnight, on my easy chair. BOOM! , the whole house shook....I thought we had been bombed. My dog, Bandit, came running from his bed in a scurry and the wife was hollering from the bedroom as to 'what happened?'.
Well we all sat quietly waiting for the next sound but nothing came. So our scouting around the house, trying to figure out the shaking of our house and windows, started in great earnest. But nothing to be found but unrest for us all night... thinking we all imagined this great BOOM.
Daylight came and out the door Bandit and I went so he could do his duty. Across the street is the monument for our subdivision. To my surprise it was all busted up as if a car had hit it. Upon investigation there were no tire marks, umphf. Scratching my bald palate my eyes started wondering and behold! At a 45 degree angle and across the other street set a pair of big wheels off of an eighteen wheeler.......WHOA!
I got the neighbor up and the only thing we can figure is they came from quite a the interstate above us. Can you believe it? Upon inspection we could see the brakes, bearings, and apparatus were still attached to the drums. This was unbelievable because these double wheels are so heavy and coming at a high rate of speed and force to bust down a solid concrete and brick monument sign and then get back across the road to the location we found them....well it was too much to try and comprehend.
Thinking of how these could have come through a wooden wall of a home and killed any one of us was disturbing to say the least. The neighbors never felt or heard anything due to being asleep. But with the jolt that we and the house received made us even more thankful.
So Who is Looking over YOU? LIFE is so short! Well we took a few minutes and thanked God for our saving experience. I pray someone is always looking over all of us, even for the small stuff. LOL
Now go journal about something important to you this day....addios' me amigo.

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  1. I call those 'Guardian Angel' moments... like the day you hestitate just a bit when the light turns green for you and an 18 wheel truck going 70 mph runs his red light right in front of you... or all those folks late for work, or missed the train in Sept 11, 2001... Makes you count your blessings, say I love you to the people you love... and evaluate what you've been doing with your life.... yep, it's happened to me too... my angel has been very busy over my lifetime... hope he keeps watch a bit longer ;-)