Thursday, July 23, 2009


Originally uploaded by Ricky Holtman
There he sat, by the overpass bridge, leaning against the light signal post. Beard untrimmed and clothes very worn but he was not dirty. Always looking at the ground instead of the passerbys. The cardboard sign in hand had the word 'HUNGRY" scribbled on it......right below that were two more words..."SEMPER FI". What I did next, when I got beside him at the stop light, is my business....He was a Vietnam Vet.
This had to be done with and ink pen and in my moleskine book...NFS. I couldn't get his face out of my head til I put it in the book...with honor. Just when I think I have problems the LORD allows me to see a different type of suffering and I see better then. GOD BLESS
7th and Broadway, K.C. Missouri.