Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hey friends,
I got unplugged again from chemo yesterday and my doctor said my platelets are really low and the only way to get them up is give me some space between treatments.
As you know it is every 14 days for 3days 24/7 for me but he said don't come back for 3 weeks....Praise the LORD.
I've decided to try and make it to Colorado, and spend time at Taos and Santa Fe. I haven't been able to go there for 2 years so I am excited.
I plan on getting some art material and just RR with the wife. You know the colors and vistas are going to be so special this time around....Excited I am!
I'll post when I get don't leave me..
God bless


  1. Have a super time on your trip!! Hope you get lots of inspiration for new paintings!!

  2. PTL and GLORY HALLEJUAH for you and the wife taking a little trip ! I envy you CO and MX . WOW , I pray that you have a safe trip . I will miss talking to you daily . I hope that we will see some more beautiful watercolor paintings of the sights you 2 seen and/or the places you visited here on your sight . Have a GREAT TIME you both deserve it ! "Think like a man of action , and act like a man of thought "

  3. Fantasic news! Have a wonderful trip. Be safe and return soon.

  4. Donna McMenaminJune 19, 2009 3:53 PM

    I live in the southwest and I know that you will find so much inspiration. Looking forward to seeing some great stuff from you. Glad you get a reprieve from your treatments. Have a great time Ricky.

  5. Yay! Have a lot of fun during that trip and be back with lots of art and adventures to share :)

  6. Go with God my friend... you and the wife deserve a break. Have fun, take lots of pictures, relax, regroup, get strong, and paint a bit.
    We'll keep the light on so that you can find your way back to us :D

  7. Ricky, I hope you're having a wonderful time! I'd been wondering where you were!