Monday, June 1, 2009

Doctor Office 1

Doctor Office 1
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Well, I pray all is fine with everyone. I had a nice day yesterday but my little dog got his foot stepped on. We are going to the vet today and see if it is broken...God forbid.
Tomorrow I will be going to Chemo for the next few days so I will not be around to blog.
You guys must comment and carry on, if you will, til I return to duty. I would love to see a lot of comments when I get back. Let me know how you are doing or if this blog is affecting you in a positive way.
Happy Trails until we meet again........Ricky

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  1. What a lovely office your Dr has... or is that the vet's office. I do hope the chemo treatments go well for you. We'll miss you... I'm going on a little vacation myself this weekend... Jeeping friends headed to the hills of North Carolina... much more fun than chemo.