Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Red Panda

Red Panda
Originally uploaded by Ricky Holtman
Hey Friends,
This is what I did today while trying to sit with this chemo pump. Some of you know how this is. Anyway it's a little sketch and lucky it turned out at all because I haven't slept since getting up Tuesday for clinic. The steroids and stuff they pump in me doesn't help the old sleep department. Maybe tonight with any luck. Good news though...the doctors office called this pm and said my CEA (tumor marker number) is down again...Praise the LORD...going the right direction.
This is the cousin to the GIANT PANDA, big and black and white. Red Panda here is always confused with the Fox or Raccoon family but it's not. He travels the same bamboo forest as his cousin. The Himalayas and two provinces in China is where you will find him.
Watercolor and ink sketch.


  1. I like this little panda a lot, esp. that you added the snow splatters to it. It is an unusual animal and I've seen them in several zoos. Sorry about your insomnia. I've been having a bout of that myself, due to new meds I'm not liking much. For me, it is a heart issue and I have been sketching a bit of the anxiety and frustration and anger out in a sketchbook - nothing worth sharing that I haven't put on my blog already. Wishing you a better end to the week and a much deserved restful sleep.

  2. Thanks for comment and I'll be praying for your recovery and insomnia.
    I love the statement about sketching out the anxiety and frustration. This is great. Give us some more on this and leave a link to your website also.
    Keep up the faith and the journaling. God bless.

  3. Ricky, my frustration comes not from the illness but from the lack of cardiologists who will listen to you and not talk over you with their own agenda. And those who give you medications that cause more problems than the health issue does. I'm not sure how to fix the American medical establishment/system but I am glad people are talking about it and trying to come up with suggestions instead of just following the status quo. I can't believe how incompetent some staff are - if this was a public business, it would be going bankrupt right now - and picking up their bailout checks on the way out the door! ha ha One has to keep a sense of humor about it all but it's often difficult. Getting some of that out on paper helps when you don't really want to write it in words but want to get it out of you - like a poisonous drug, anger can cause you to feel sick, too. I did put some sketches and paintings on my blog last week but seem to have gotten past that place now.