Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rain on my parade!

Man Made Dam Sketch
Originally uploaded by Ricky Holtman
Another day and GOD is so good! Walking this morning with the blue sky, 6 a.m., cool breeze on my skin and in my lungs, birds singing like an orchestra who is warming up before the main gig starts, the sight of Gods wonderful creation around me, colors, values, textures, edges both soft and hard, and being able to be in this is over whelming to me at times. Since my illness I thank HIM for putting what's important in life in its proper perspective for me. How much of this I missed by being in a hurry doing other things thru the years.
What am I saying.....just this.........be in the present moment totally because yesterday is gone, we don't own tomorrow, and we are to not be anxious for anything for today has enough troubles on its own. This is biblical.
My truck I painted yesterday is posted here for you to see. GOD BLESS!
I couldn't believe I ran in to this today. Rained all night here and then when I'm out sketching I got rained on several more times.. This page got wet numerous times but again the subject was unique in the middle of woods.
Why they used this old truch and debris to dam this creek I still haven't figured it out. But boy it made the water gurgle from underneath......neat sound while doing a quick watercolor and pen sketch.....there may even be pencil in there. I started and stopped too often and that old red oil barrel holding up the front end sounded like a drum when rain drops hit it. COOL and fun. I hope to do some type of painting composition of this sketch soon. Moleskine sketchbook.


  1. You are so right Ricky, no one knows the future, and no one has a guarantee they'll see tomorrow... I make sure I tell the people I love everyday, several times a day "I Love you"... just in case, God decides my time here is done.. only God knows what the future holds... we'll find out in due course.

  2. What can I say to that Elaine except...AMEN!

  3. For a moment I almost felt sorry about the rain messing your sketching time but instead I've found myself feeling envious! sounds like it was a great experience and a good memory :)
    The truck looks really good but is that sky and water what sold me, have a great day!

  4. Thanks Teresa for you comments. Hope you are enjoying this blog.