Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful DAY.......Tuesday

What a beautiful around here and I feel a lot better than I have in the past week. I think the diahrhea has let up and hopefully the soreness that comes with it. Its been raining the last couple of days but GOD is good to give us this mild Tuesday...39 degrees waking up and suppose to be 68 in the late afternoon.
Today I must do some of my art, got to make a living, and blog on some other sites. By the way I blog on "Sketching Nature".
You should sign up as a follower of the site or of my spot on there. This would notify you when things are blogged and how professional journaling is done. On that site the correspondents, like myself, are from around the world and it is strictly a nature site. You'll see some of the top artists, naturalist etc in the world on there and go also to there web sites to learn. I need to get to work now. How is your journal doing? God bless your day.

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