Sunday, April 26, 2009

In The Beginning__Before Diagnosis

It was late Saturday evening, December 8th, 2007. I had just finished studying my bible lesson for the following morning. Bible teaching is something I enjoy doing and have done for years and some preaching in years long ago.
Suddenly I had to go to the bathroom and there is where my world changed. There was blood starting to show up in the stool and this made me think I must be getting hemorrhoids. Then, like a faucet being opened, blood just started gushing.
I couldn't get it to stop! All I could do was watch the stool fill up.
Instantly my whole essence was saying, "This is not right!" With my brain racing a million miles per hour there was not one thought that would help. Then, looking at the floor, I knew what was changing and that this was it. You know, the moment you leave this world.
Slowly I slid off the stool to the floor and layed my head down. Looking at the tile before my eyes it dawned on me that I was actually starting to embrace this weird phenomenon.
With no concept of time and space I found myself somewhere that was not on earth. Do I dare say it was heaven? Can I say out loud I saw the bright light? How strange also, this something that was happening to me, felt ok.
It was the most delightful incident in my entire life, bar none. I died at that moment in time and came back.
You see, I forgot to tell you that from dying that Saturday night and when I got to the hospital, 4 days had passed. (That is another story you won't believe)
Doctors have asked me all about this dying experience and I will share more with you later.

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