Saturday, April 25, 2009

Introduction to Site

Hello to everyone that may come across my blog. This blog is for cancer survivors and their healing and well being. This will be done through introducing journaling, with and without art, to you and how it is helping thousands to heal.
I am not new to writing or journaling, especially with art and words together. Writing and the combination of your drawings are not new to journals. Both together or separate are acceptable. NO, you do not have to be an artist for this blog but hopefully I can get you to maybe get out of your comfort zone and start writing and maybe start illustrating your story for the healing of yourself and others.
As I proceed with my new blog there will be many times you will see my art and my sketchbook. With any luck the art from friends of mine and hopefully your art will show up here someday.
Yes, I will get into my walk with this cancer they say I have and share my story.
Your comments are welcomed and your viewpoint.........I only ask that there be no profanity etc., this would not be beneficial to any of us or in line with this blog.
Hearing from all of you cancer survivors out there would be a blessing and a gift for all who may come across this blog. Cancer surviving artists, journalists please comment and help out here in your own special way.
As I said earlier I will share my thoughts about what is working for me and is working for others. By no means is this the absolute or the only way for anyone.........just a way. Your healing would be the greatest gift that could come from this blog or to hear the blog is helping you to walk through this trying time.
I pray the testimonies will grow as time goes along.
If something is shared by someone that I deem not appropriate I will delete it. Please do not take offense but this is a blog I take serious and I will try to defend it.

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