Tuesday, October 6, 2009

God's Cathedral

Glad to be back where I can say hello again on this computer. Yes I have been in the woods, held up in a two room cabin for a few days....I call this God's Cathedral. It's so beautiful with all the birds, deer, bear and yes even ferral pigs, some people know them by the name razorbacks.
Starting out I almost didn't make it to the cabin because of side effects but we did. The 'WE' of course is my faithful companion...my wife Chery. Then day by day and drawing by drawing I came back much better than when I left. I just had to get in tune with my spirit and my God's Spirit. Now that I've revitalized all the old juices I may be able to go a few more miles, God willing.
I pray all is well with you........thanks for thinking of me while gone and please let me hear from you.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to know that you're back and that you had a good little getaway in the woods. And, sorry to hear that those awful "sides" are determined not to leave you alone. Hopefully things will ease up soon. You know that we're all praying for you and keeping you close in our thoughts. Did you take any pictures while you were playing the woodsman?